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Parade America

Posted by Dwaine on May 18, 2010 at 9:56 AM Comments comments (0)

2010 Parade America #44 in Nampa Idaho



 We had a great time participating in the 44th Exchange Club of Nampa Parade America celibration in Nampa, Idaho.

  With thousands of spectaters lining the 2 mile parade route, The WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT was exposed all those who did not know of it. We were not able to do any fund raising as it was not allowed during the parade and we had family events to attend following the parade's conclusion. However Public Awarness was raised considerably !

  Our next event is in June 12 at the Mopars in the Park car show at Lakeview Park in Nampa, Idaho. We are inquiring now if we would be able to fund raise there.

Mojave Mile report

Posted by Dwaine on March 19, 2010 at 9:02 PM Comments comments (0)


 12 hours in the saddle on day one and 8 the second.

  Rain, snow, sunshine and naturally the wiper motor pukes on the way down.

Blizzard conditions for a 5 mile stretch headed home and Grandpa driving at 5mph in 1st with the drivers window open and handswiping the windshield with a wiper arm in hand ! AHH ....reminds me of my youth !


Mojave; Between rain squalls, cold temps, and limited time we got 3 runs in.

  #1- An easy pass of 121.1 as I'd put zero miles on this car since it was completed. Felt strong and stable at the top end.

  My brother changed jets and squirters and found factory trash in one of the needle valves.

  #2- Another easy pass at 131.8 to get more familiar and comfortable. Strong and stable.

 Got down into the staging area and it wouldn't spin over fast enough to fire. Had been running on battery up to that point(alternator issues) so lost time towing back to the pit, charging batts and getting back in line.

  #3- I left hard but missed the 1/2 shift, found 2nd after about 10 minutes and 300,000 yards, recovered and tripped the lights at 137.5. It was a solid 145 pass if I could've found 2nd !  I didn't build it to speed shift and goofed that stir stick.

 With more time, another jet change, and a good shift we are sure a pass of 150 is possible. Then a 200 mph pass on the salt would be within reach. If the car does not sell before August, we might take it B'ville if the funding is available.


 All in all I'm VERY happy with the way the car felt during acceleration and more importantly, at high speed. My aero work on the body, WORKED !

  During tech, we received a bunch of positive feedback from the tech guys and a few open road racing veterans, which made me feel pretty good about this hot rod Doba !


Big Red made the only 200 mph pass and IT WAS IMPRESSIVE to watch !! 1100 hp and hazing the tires at 150 plus ! A VERY historic car !

You Tube search for Mojave Mile to see video of Big Red.


Fan Club

Posted by Dwaine on January 22, 2010 at 8:28 PM Comments comments (0)

We now have our Fan Club info posted in the Fan Club section. There are 3 different levels for you to choose from.

Parts needed to finish race car

Posted by Dwaine on January 12, 2010 at 12:54 PM Comments comments (0)

  To safely complete the race car,we are in need of these parts, new or GOOD used;

- Engine Diaper

- 2 Stroud chutes with 75' risers

- 2 Stroud spring launch packs

- 2 sets of arm restraints      Donated, THANKS !

- 2 1" wheel spacers          Donated,THANKS !

- 1 fireproof shifter boot        Donated, THANKS !

You WILL receive recognition on the race car if so requested.

We also have sponsor packages available to those businesses interested.



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